Swedish massage
Nordic relaxed mind

Swedish massage is the perfect remedy for the overworked, overwhelmed, and overstressed mind and body. If that sounds like you, Swedish massage may be just what you need to counteract the affects that life's hectic pace can take on your health and well-being.

The massage techniques involved in Swedish massage include long, gliding strokes, gentle or firm pressure, light tapping, and firm kneading that when applied can help rejuvenate tired muscles, ligaments, nerves, and soft tissue. Oftentimes, pressure is applied by using small circular patterns to the body for a calming, relaxing massage that's a great introduction to the benefits of massage therapy.

Several positive affects of Swedish are:

- Decreased muscle stiffness and soreness

- Boosted functionality of your lymph system and immune system

- Relief from aches and pains, specifically joints

- Improved flexibility

- Enhanced energy levels

- Increased alertness and positive feelings