The differences between Spa and Massage Therapy


For many people there is no difference, because both contain manipulation of the muscles to enhance the health.
However here are the main differences:

1. The environment:
Spa centres are more relaxing, there is a calming music and has scented air. The interior is designed to give you relaxation and tranquillity.
The massage studios are more simplified and minimalist as design. The massage is performed only to achieve better health.

2. The results:
In the spa the massage is focused on relaxation and comfort. Spa uses different treatments as water treatments, beauty scrubs, peelings etc.
The massage therapy is for rehabilitation, solving tension, pain, knots and stiffness. It improves the posture.

3. The cost:
Spa procedures usually are very expensive, a luxury gift.
The massage therapy being a kind of health service is with more or less standard low price.

4. The education:
The people performing massages in a spa are trained to offer comfort and relaxation.

Those that are offering therapies such as deep tissue, Back and Neck massage are trained to give full body massage only for health benefits.
Those are the main and fundamental differences between Spa and Massage Therapy. They are two different options for people that need different things entirely.