Spring body cleaning


Health is one of the most important factors in our life, to be healthy, energetic and joyful all the time, we need to follow specific natural methods, diets and techniques for the different seasons.

Already is spring! One of the most beautiful seasons. Everything starts blooming, we have more sun and better weather. We are ready for more physical activities and sport. Spring makes us feel better, more alive and with better self-esteem as well. That's why in spring time is the best for us is to start with system cleaning and boosting our immune system.

This time I will give you few advice how to boost our bodies with easy to make, natural and practical diets. You can make all of them of choose only one that suits you best.

1. Full vegan

The easiest way is to make a full vegetable diet for 14-21 days.

Take out of your menu all animal products and all oils that you may use. Add rich sorts of vegetables and fruits as salads, juices etc.

- fruits: apples, strawberries, cherries

- vegetables: lettuce, spinach, sorrel, nettle, parsley, arugula, carrots, beetroot, cabbage

- sprouts: alfalfa, Chinese bean, arugula, broccoli, spelled

- a variety of cereal and bean foods

- a bit of seeds and nuts.

With this type of diet you will easy your digestive system, the metabolism in your body will be regulated and you will be more energetic and joyful, all your health will be boosted.

2. Purifying the gastrointestinal tract

The gastrointestinal tract is the basis of all our health, that's why is good to start with it.

- Drink more water - start your mornings with 500 ml warm water on empty stomach

- Drink fresh juices every day. Here are some nice combinations for cleansing and restoring the lining:

¤ Spinach 100 ml, apples 100 ml, parsley 50 ml

¤ Apples 150 ml, cabbage 100 ml

¤ Apples 100 ml, cucumber 100 ml, celery 50 ml, a small peace of ginger

¤ Carrots 150 ml, beetroot 50 ml, cabbage 50 ml.

- Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits: apples, strawberries, kiwi, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, beetroot, sprouts, carrots etc.

- Do yoga Shank Prakshalana. With this yoga exercise your body faster and easily will trow the toxins from your system and you will be able to absorb better the nutrition from the vegetables and fruits.

3. Cleansing the liver

- Start your day with 500 ml warm water on empty stomach

- Continue with fresh of 1-2 lemons with 1 glass warm water. Add sunflower lecithin, but not more than 3-5 gr. Do not add olive oil or any other type of vegetable oils. The sunflower lecithin is rich on choline, inositol ethanolamine. They are a key factors of detoxifying of the body and gives energy and boosts the immune system

- Drink fresh juices

¤ apples 100 ml, carrots 50 ml, beetroot 50 ml, celery 50 ml

¤ apples 100 ml, beetroot 50 ml, cucumber 100 ml, small peace of ginger

¤ apples 100 ml, beetroot 50 ml, carrots 100 ml, parsley 50 ml

- Eat 5 times per day but small amount of food. Two of them to be main and other three juices and fruits. The mains to be salads, steamed vegetables and gluten free beans like buckwheat, quinoa, millet, brown rice.

Keeping this diets for a month you will feel how your body is lighter, the nerve system will be calmer and you will be more balanced.