Cellulite - how, when, why


When the blood and lymph circulation is low the oxygen in the body is low as well and this reduces the collagen production. The skin loses its elasticity and the fat cells enlarge and the skin makes more visible deposits. As the fat under the skin shows up through the weakened tissue the result is cellulite.Eating too much fat, carbohydrates and salt and too less fibers, this who don't exercise, smoke and sit or stand in one position for a long time, wearing right elastic underwear and clothes across the buttocks limit the blood flow.
Result - cellulite.
Anti-cellulite massage is the best way to reduce the appearance of visible cellulite. It has many health benefits for the body.For reducing the cellulite the best practise is 15 to 20 massages in a row for 15 or 20 days. For keeping the result once per week for a month or two. Afterwards once or twice a month.