Indian Head Massage Course
So many benefits...

Indian Head Massage Practical  Course

Duration: 3 days

Achievement: Certificate of Indian Head Massage

Price: £200

Already have massage skills? Do you need something more for your career and clients? Indian Head Massage is one of the essential therapies for our stressful life. So many benefits - boosts concentration and good mood, feeds the brain, helps with insomnia and migraine, and many more.

With this short course you can add one more pearl in your skills and have even more grateful customers. Why not start now? 

Course plan:


  1. Hair structure and types

  2. Blood and Lymph systems

  3. Face muscles

  4. Precautions

  5. General rules

  6. Health and Safety

B. Practice:

  1. Back and neck

  2. Head

  3. Face

At the end of every part of the course you have to pass the test. Theory test is again more practical. No written tests.


  • Get free massages during the course - know how your clients will feel

  • Get free short course of facial massage


  • Take a buddy with your for the practice

  • Cut your nails - you don't want to scratch anyone and to hurt your hands

  • Take off your rings and bracelets

  • Share your course, brag your progress

  • Make pictures and videos for further help

Contact us to discuss you starting date and payment methods