Aromatherapy Course
Scent your job

Aromatherapy Practical Course

Duration: 2 weeks

Achievement: Certificate of Aromatherapy

Price: £350

This course is for everybody that has or not previous experience as Massage Therapist. We start from scratch.

Learn recipes for everyday use for yourself, for your friends or for your clients. Scent your life, work and help others to benefit from the nature.

Course plan:


  1. Anatomy

  2. Physiology

  3. Nerve system

  4. Skin structure and function

  5. Precautions

  6. General rules

  7. Health and Safety

  8. Documents and equipment

  9. All about essential oils

  10. Recipes and guides

B. Practice:

  1. Back and front legs

  2. Back

  3. Arms and hands

  4. Full body Aromatherapy practice

At the end of every part of the course you have to pass the test. Theory test is again more practical. No written tests.


  • Get free massages during the course - know how your clients will feel

  • 12 months free access to the online theory materials

  • Get free short course of honey therapy or anti-cellulite


  • Take a buddy with your for the practice

  • Take your own towels - two big and 1 middle size

  • Cut your nails - you don't want to scratch anyone and to hurt your hands

  • Take off your rings and bracelets

  • Wear comfortable clothes that will make your movements free

  • Share your course, brag your progress

  • Make pictures and videos for further help

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